John Babcock is currently playing throughout Central Florida with his solo act, performing classic
music from the 1950s through the '90s and today. He also performs many of the timeless works from
The Beatles' music catalog, British Invasion classics, as well as songs from his own 12 original
CD releases.

Besides his own solo shows, John performs with national tribute shows including playing
drums with "The Authentics" (Buddy Holly/'50s tribute,) "The Beach Buoys," and freelances
as "Beatle Paul" with several top Beatles tribute acts. He also performs as "Sir Paul McCartney"
in his new stage production "Tripping The Live Fantastic" - A Tribute to Paul McCartney.
The show is available in three musical forms for bookings: as a four piece, a trio, or John
performing it as a solo.

A DVD entitled "JB's Abbey Road Tour & Video Album" has been released where John takes you on
a tour of the famed London studios, edited from videotape taken in the 1980s/90s while recording
in The Beatles' Studio Number Two material for several of his CD releases. The DVD includes ten
music videos, actual footage of recording in Studio Two, and a rare performance with former
Rainbow/Deep Purple vocalist Joe Lynn Turner. A "Best Of" compilation of JB's songs has also
been released, entitled "Twenty." The disc covers two decades of music making that spans five
of John's albums.

Recently John wrote a story for the national classic monsters magazine "Monster Bash."
You can check it out at the reviews page.

John's entire music catalog is available on Google Music, as well as other fine online music
outlets for download purchases. Manufactured CDs are available for sale at JB's live performances,
and can also be purchased on Ebay.

2018 brought the release of JB's most recent studio album "Welcome To My World." The 16 track
record has gained excellent reviews and is available on John's shop page.

In 2019 JB is preparing a new musical work tentatively entitled "The System." Promoting and bookings
for "Tripping the Live Fantastic" will continue, and a coffee table style book
of historic black and white photography by John's grandfather John Victor Babcock will be made
available to the public.

For info on upcoming live JB solo club dates and tribute concerts, go to John's Facebook page.
Also make sure to go check out JB's YouTube Channel!